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New Mover   New Homeowner PicTap into the $150 billion annual market of new mover and new homeowner expenditures with RealSource. With over 13% of the U.S. population moving each year, a large market of potential new customers is created and renewed every year. New homeowners spend more money within the first 6 months of homeownership than the average consumer spends in 3 years. RealSource gives you near real time access to these new movers and new homeowners to power your direct marketing campaigns.

RealSource’s Weekly New Movers and New Homeowners file contains over 18 million people that have moved within the last year. Unlike other single sourced new mover and new homeowners files available, RealSource brings unparalleled coverage and accuracy by utilizing multiple source types to properly identify new movers and new homeowners. Our weekly blended file is sourced from Telco new connect, deed, subscription, utility, and proprietary transaction change of address data. Data accuracy is of paramount importance and part of RealSource’s engrained business philosophy. As such, we go the extra mile to make sure your message ends up with the intended recipient.

The following hygiene processes are applied to our New Mover and New Homeowner data each month:

  • 100% zip9 on every record
  • 100% Delivery Point Validated and CASS certified
  • Comprehensive Telephone hygiene (close to 70% of records have phone numbers)
  • Old Transactions eliminated
  • Business moves deleted
  • False positives removed (fax connects, second lines, name changes)

Every week our file is enhanced with neighborhood level demographics, language spoken, and ethnicity indicators.

Experience the difference with RealSource’s Weekly New Movers and New Homeowner’s data and let your positive ROI prove why our address and record accuracy is unrivaled in the new mover/new homeowner data space.

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