Registered Voters

Every elected official and candidate for office has a vested interest in communicating with the electorate. RealSource Inc. offers a reliable and current source of donor and voter lists along key political segments that enable precise, targeted contact opportunities. Whether soliciting votes or campaign contributions, knowing who you are targeting BEFORE you send out your message is critical to the entire process. RealSource provides valuable data relevant to all the major segments along the political spectrum.

  • Democrat Voters
  • Republican Voters
  • Independent Voters
  • Undecided/Unknown Voters
  • Republican/Evangelical Donors
  • Conservative Donors
  • Liberal Donors

RealSource takes every opportunity to ensure the information you receive from us is reliable and relevant. Consider the additional steps we take to ensure your satisfaction.

  • EVERY political file available from RealSource Inc. is selectable by congressional district – allowing users to pinpoint the voters they represent.
  • RealSource Inc. delivers clean, up-to-date data resulting in accurate direct mail and telemarketing campaigns; area code and local exchange segmenting opportunities enhance the cost effectiveness of your efforts.

RealSource Inc. provides accurate constituent data to reach those donors, voters, and influencers who might have the greatest impact on your next campaign.

Party Affiliation Totals:

  • Democrats          33,832,024
  • Republicans        32,535,877
  • Independents    4,930,875
  • Non-Registered 52,745,584

Contact RealSource Inc. today and a member of our knowledgeable staff will be happy to discuss how our expertise will benefit your political efforts. 1-888-340-5479