Turning 65 Mailing and Phone Number Lists

Reach consumers turning 65 when they are making important decisions about their future.  Consumers turning 65 are prime candidates for Medicare and retirement planning.

Industries that benefit from a list of Consumers 65 and older:

Medicare Insurance Providers      Estate Planning

Retirement Communities                Travel & Leisure

In Home Care Providers                    Financial Planning

Assisted Living                                         Prescription Drug Providers

Home Improvement                              Exercise and Fitness Classes

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Choose from hundreds of demographic and geographic selections including:

Geographic Selections: State, County, Zip Code, Radius around a zip code, and Area Code

Popular Demographic Selections: Birthday Month/Year, Marital Status, Household Income, Homeowner Status, Home Value, and many more.  All lists come with a Mailing Address. Phone Number and Email Address are also available.

Our database includes over 50,100,000 individuals Age 65-85 with 3,750,000 turning 65 this year!

Example of a targeted request:

Individuals turning 65 in August through December

20-mile radius of zip code 37205


Household Income more than $40,000

Minimum order is $180.00 (equivalent to 4,000 postal leads)
Cost Per Lead $.045


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